jaydes: The Nice, Heartfelt Change of the Underground


Jaydes is a 16-year-old from Broward County, FL, showing huge potential! There’s no specific lane of the underground that he belongs to; he makes plug-inspired music, acoustic songs, hyperpop-influenced songs, pluggnb, and so much more. His versatility is what makes him so interesting to listen to.

He also puts his heart, soul, and deep emotions into his lyrics. He opens a whole new lane to the underground and is the perfect change from the flexing and gun-waving rap of the underground scene today.

He has two EP’s out right now and has only been releasing music for two years. In that amount of time, jaydes has shown that he has a natural talent for music and has all the potential in the world to blow up.


His four-song EP “romanticism” totals out to 3 minutes and 42 seconds but must be one of the most beautiful things to come out of the underground lately.

The most popular song “tylenol” is a high-tempo song with lyrics about loving cash and love in general. Whoever this significant other was, they must have messed up a lot because of the way jaydes is flexing on them. The emotion of the song feels happy but also hard-hitting because of how much he’s going after this certain someone.

Songs like “4u” and “migraine” are acoustic songs are mellow songs that talk about how he shouldn’t be falling in love with this person and how he is easily taken advantage of because of his giving personality respectively.

To close out the EP, jaydes talks comes to terms with his past relationship and lays out the facts about how he feels on the song “convenience.”

jaydes’ “romanticism” is basically one long beautiful song that takes you on the journey of him trying to deal with the past emotions of his last significant other. In every song, every word, every syllable, you can understand just how bad jaydes felt. It was a nice change to hear actual feelings rather than the average flexing of the underground today. Both have their perks, but jaydes takes the cake.

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