Bubbling Artist Father Iconic. PRECISEEARZ Exclusive Snippet!

Father Iconic is an artist coming from Chicago who is bound to blow up! Father Iconic brings his melodic tone on to pluggnb beats to form a fresh mesh of sounds.

His most popular song is “BRANDNEW+” with over 17,000 plays. This song has reversed bass, a beautiful melody, and tempo switches to keep you entertained. Father Iconic comes in with his melodic voice and lyrics of the heartbreak of this significant someone and some of the usual lyrics of fast cars and a lavish lifestyle. 

Father Iconic is interesting because of his monotone-sounding, but somehow melodic, voice. This combination is usual for artists that use pluggnb beats, for example, KanKan, but Father Iconic brings something new to the table. You can tell he really feels the words he is saying rather than the same old flexing.

He is influenced by bands like Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Escape the Fate to name a few. Father Iconic takes the lyrical ability and theme of bands like these and tries to implement them into the popping production of the underground scene of 2022. Not many underground artists of today have voiced that they’re influenced by bands and music like the ones mentioned before, so it’s nice to see that someone from a different background is coming up.

It’s clear what Father Iconic’s intentions are and there’s no stopping him from blowing up!

But what’s next? Well, PreciseEarz has an exclusive snippet to share with the people! It’s not pluggnb instead, it’s a hard, lead-heavy rage beat that Father Iconic turns up on! Listen to the exclusive snippet of “VOICES!” below:

Cover art for “VOICES!”

Keep an eye out for Father Iconic!

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