Virginia Has A New Star: Meet Caal Vo And Listen To “Wintertime”

Caal Vo is getting tighter on doing features with different artist. Better get those features before prices go up!  It’s hard for him to find people to match his flow. Being one of a kind can be a challenge. He goes by Caal Vo and he’s original as it gets. His flows and melodies are really thought out. This is not a game to Caal Vo and his supporters are piling up. His IG is the nucleolus to his operation. With him being 18 and still in High School. He has his school full support. This record “Wintertime” is straight #FlexOnYourExMusic you have to understand that,before you hit play. The beat is next level and it matches Caal Vo flow melodies perfect. Make sure you hit play now and leave a comment on Caal Vo soundcloud.


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