Young Thug and 28 Others are Involved in a RICO Case

Young Thug was arrested for his involvement in a RICO case on Monday. According to Rolling Stone, Thug was charged with violating the RICO act as well as participating in criminal street gang activity. Among the others is Gunna, also a fellow YSL artist.

Jeffery Williams, AKA Young Thug, has had beef with rapper YFN Lucci for some time now and has allegedly been involved with conspiring to murder Lucci while he was in jail. If you go back to March of this year, you’ll see that Lucci was stabbed while he was in jail. Young Thug has been rumored to be connected to this act in some way.

In the 88 indictment papers, an accusation that dates back to 2015 says that Thug/Williams rented a car that was used in the killing of a rival gang member in Donavan Thomas Jr. Knowing this, the Feds have to have so much information on Thug. The amount of evidence they could have dug up in the last 7 years is unfathomable.

XXL tweeted out a video from a Twitter user @Phil_Lewis_ of Thug’s lawyer saying that “Mr. Williams committed no crime whatsoever.”

As of right now, all citizens can do is wait. Thug is bound to have a court case and the court will be using his lyrics against him to prove that he was indeed committing the acts stated before, but we will see.

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