TrapboiTKO Links With Polo Jone$ For “Dog Food” Project

This 8-song project by TrapboiTKO is incredibly trapped out, to the point where it could potentially catch a charge. Introducing Polo Jone$ in a significant way, this project proves that trap music is far from dead and is resurfacing stronger than ever. “Dog Food” immerses you in the trenches with its raw energy. TrapboiTKO has been gaining attention and it’s time to introduce his padre.

The track “Paperman” is a summer anthem with a hook so catchy, it compels you to chase the money. The production on this project is top-notch and sets it apart from anything coming out of Atlanta. While Polo Jone$ has room to grow, the duo’s chemistry is undeniable and has the potential to rise to the top. In short, this project embodies the true essence of trap music. I believe that 2024 could be TrapboiTKO’s breakout year if he continues to build momentum.


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