The Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Lu’ Returns With His Second Single “Over”

The NFL season is right around the corner, and Lu‘, the Arizona Cardinals Linebacker, is already making hits during his downtime. I can’t think of another sports athlete who’s making hits like him. Lu’ demonstrates his versatility with a unique flavor that sets him apart. Once you listen to Lu’s latest single “Over”, you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise and feel your worries melt away. Lu’s music exudes pure enjoyment and immaculate summer vibes, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in an irresistible musical experience through his Afrobeats sound.

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Lu’ is now making waves in Phoenix, Arizona, as a renowned Arizona Cardinals linebacker who recently made his musical debut with the hit single “FEVA.” Breaking stereotypes, Lu has proven to be far more multifaceted than just an average athlete. With a perfect track record of 2 out of 2 successful releases, Lu’ is ready to take his sound worldwide. His strong island vibes can be attributed to his Canadian roots, where a diverse cultural melting pot like New York exists on a national scale. I am eagerly anticipating more music from Lu’, and I hope to see more visuals and content from him in the future.



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