Lolife Blacc Just Went Crazy In His Video For ‘By Myself’

Real is rare and Lolifee Blacc is moving like a boss. He’s doing things his way and building one crazy catalog. He reminds me of Young Dolph when he first started off in the rap game. Lolife Blacc is a real Atlanta lyricist that’s being slept on like crazy. He’s continuing to stay in his own lane while dropping heat for his loyal day-one listeners.

This might be one of my favorites from Lolifee from his most recent releases. He’s really doing everything on his own without asking for him. In his video for By Myself he’s going crazy by himself in a strap jacket. Lolifee Blacc is on another level and I feel his time is near for stardom. There isn’t so many left in the game like Lolife and he’s putting in work non-stop.


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