Downtown: Life Under the Gun EP

August Alsina: “I’m always in the studio, so I just have a shitload of music. So Downtown: Life Under The Gun EP was nothing to get done. Of course there’s a few songs that are already out there that was on the mixtape, but it was nothing to get it done. It’s real personal and sharp, sweet, simple, and to the point. It really gives you a chance to get to know me and get a deeper feel for me and where I come from and where I represent.

“That name, Downtown: Life Under The Gun, came from just being downtown, being from New Orleans, and really just being from where you from, living your everyday life. ‘Under the gun’ can mean really a ratchet to your face, because that’s what’s going on down here. Niggas is robbing niggas, niggas is killing niggas everyday. For me, it is also-I got a lot of tattoos so ‘life under the ink.’ It’s personal and all the shit that we deal with on a daily basis everyday. It’s touching.”

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