XXXTENTACION Disses Rob Stone For Ski Mask The Slump God

XXXTENTACION recently was released from jail, and wasted no time going after rappers who he dislikes, including Drake. Many have been responding to him, but now the rapper has his sight set on another rapper: Rob $tone. XXXTENTACION took to Instagram Live and called the rapper’s song “Chill Bill” wack. The Florida rapper said “Listen to this sh*t, you got n***as whistling on your sh*t. What the f*ck.” People in the background of the video were heard laughing at XXXTENTACION’s comments on the rapper. While the slight via IG may seem random, the South Florida rapper is responding to an issue that popped off at a Desiigner show in San Diego. Apparently, $tone was issued a microphone while XXX’s friend Ski Mask The Slump God, who was also set to perform, was not. Ski Mask attempted to take the mic from $tone, which caused issues on the stage, resulting in Ski Mask being taken off stage by security.

XXXTENTACION took to social media to say Rob $tone “is little as f*ck” and that Ski Mask will “whoop that n***a ass.” Rob $tone responded by saying “I’m not Drake n***a. Don’t come around here with that bullsh*t.”



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