Waka Flocka Says Lil Uzi is Rock and Not Hip-Hop

To Waka Flocka, a rock star is a rock star, a hip hop artist is a hip hop artist, and there are clear distinctions between the two that ought to be acknowledged. The Brick Squad rapper took to social media on Sunday, May 14, to provide a couple of examples of how one might differ from the other.

“This post ain’t bool @liluzivert is Rock not Hjp Hop!” Waka wrote in the caption of a graphic he posted to Instagram. One one hand was a photo of Lil Uzi Vert that was headed by the text, “YOUR HIP HOP.” And stitched beside it was a photo of Nas, labeled, “MY HIP HOP.” While Nas’ appearance comes off as conservative, with a buttoned down shirt and a modest fade, the image of Uzi, of course, shows him with a torn bleach-stained shirt that matches the color of his red locks, and a spiked choker around his neck. Uzi also cradles a purse in his arm in the photo.

Waka’s statement is reminiscent of one made by Beanie Sigel during his interview with The Breakfast Club back in October. While imparting criticism towards young artists feminizing the genre with their fashion sense, Beanie was asked to share some thoughts on his fellow Philly rapper. “Like him,” said Beans. “The lane Uzi Vert in, Uzi a rock star.”

Waka went on to list Logic, J Cole, Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar among those he feels truly represent hip hop but was sure to take nothing away from Uzi, in clarifying that he’s got no problem with Uzi doing his own thing. “Side note, rock artist always been edge #ImJustTakingUp4HipHop & #TheseStreets,” he wrote.

Source: instagram.com


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