Troy Ave Gets at Joe Budden, Says He’s “Leaching” Off of DJ Akademiks

Troy Ave recently chopped it up with Power 106, where he addressed previous claims that he almost signed to TDE. The Brooklyn rapper spoke about Kendrick showing him love while he was in jail on NuPac, and he explained in the interview, “If you take the original place where they said I said TDE was about to sign me – you can listen to that on NuPac – I never actually said that. I said I was sitting in jail, going through hell, and then it came to me. Kendrick Lamar reached out to Rob Markman and said, ‘What’s up with Troy?’”

Later in the interview, Troy spoke about dissing Joe Budden on “Press Spray.” Speaking about the Complex show “Everyday Struggle,” he told the hosts, “Shout out to DJ Akademiks… He shouldn’t be doing nothing with that sucker. I feel like [Budden’s] leeching off him. Akademiks could have did that by himself.”


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