T-Hood – Fuck Love [Video]

The video reminds me of the Batman that dropped in the early 2000’s.. Gothem City I believe it was. T-Hood really just shut down all competition with this video. The director D.Baines deserves a lot of respect for putting this one together. T-Hood can be caught in some of the finest linen around town. The white denim jacket with phrases wrote all over it is dope. The one dread hangs as you catch the glow in the dark contacts in and out of scenes. T-Hood really leveled up for this one. Even the ladies in the video are rocking glow in the dark wigs. Not to add the WWF track jacket is next level. T-Hood is on his “Fuck Love” campaign heavy. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one. Atlanta has another superstar on the rise for 2018.


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