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PreciseEarz and NikkiSiixx have come together for this special edition version of #SoundsOnACloud powered by 5starvintage. Bottom of this article you’ll find 5starvintage special featured item. Make sure you visit their site and get fly. We would like to bring you the hottest music and artist we have found online via Soundcloud. We love to discover artist that should get more attention. I’ve listed 3 of the 6 artist featured on #SoundsOnACloud here on PreciseEarz.com You can find the rest HERE on NikkiSiixx blog.


New ZephLand track “Dale Cook” which is a Sam Cook sample. New Zephland puts his soul on the verses while the sample takes you away on the hook. When I think about it. No artist really makes soul music for the ladies. New Zephland sound and delivery is like no other. Bringing his own flava to the mike. This track hasnt caught much attention just yet. Reason I think it hasnt because it so out the box. But I mean that in a good way. You all can be the judge yourself and check out the track below.


YoAstrum brings a eclectic sound to his track “Wishing”. The production has a alot of ear candy for the music heads. YoAstrum brings his own flow on this big sound track. With his voice harmonizing on the hook. YoAstrum may just get you wishing. With this odd production and perfected flow from YoAstrum I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him soon


Auror Anthony puts on for New York. This track may catch off guard hearing the female on the hook. Also the beat has a sound like no other. The beat lets you know our listening to underground music. Auror Anthony brings a choppy guerrilla type sound flow. Put it like this, it’ll catch your attention.

Remember to check out the rest of the list on NikkiSiixx

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