Smoke Sum’n: Hoodrich Pablo Juan

For this episode of Smoke Sum’n, we connected with Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

“I really got good relationships with all rappers,” said Hoodrich Pablo Juan when we caught up with him and his homies Drug Rixh Peso and Drug Rixh Hect, posted up poolside at a villa in Austin, Texas. “Whether they mumble rappers or they fake trap rappers, or… I still like em. I like music regardless. I think they do grab a hold of me cause it’s authentic and it’s not nothin’ like made up. They kinda like feel it a lot more.”

“Even though y’all wanna interview me now, I come from a projects where the lights don’t even come on after 7pm no more,” says the artist known for mixtapes like Designer Drugz and Master Sensei. “It’s abandoned. I mean everybody poor.”

Sparking a blunt as inflatable flamingos floated in the pool behind him, HPJ reflected on the trajectory of his music career, as well as that of Drug Rixh Peso and Drug Rixh Hect. “I don’t think na’an one of the three of us ever started off like knowing we would be rappers,” he said. “One of my friends had a studio in they house so when you get bored or you got something on your mind you go get it off.”

What began as a cathartic pastime turned into a phenomenon: “They kinda got to the point where they was gettin’ jealous of me cause I wasn’t even no rapper, but they keep wantin’ to hear the songs that I did instead of the songs that the actual rapper rappin’.”

As the weed burned low he offered a final thought: “I just want people to feel me. I’ma give it to you where you can kinda feel me.” Feel the vibes up top.


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