Pouya and Fat Nick Jump a Rude Fan

Rapper Pouya, who has made a name for himself with music that mirrors the likes of Bone Thugs N Harmony, took the time to let a fan at his show know that he will fight you for being disrespectful. Pouya along with another rapper named Fat Nick apparently challenged a disrespectful fan to throw hands with them on the stage. According to video footage that surfaced, The wild fan allegedly threw a glass cup on the stage while the rappers were performing. They stopped the show and quickly said pinpointed the person who threw it.

The rappers can be heard saying “run my fade,” right before the fan climbed on stage. Once the fan climbed on stage, Pouya, Fat Nick, and others began swinging, and other people on the stage jumped into the fight to stomp out the fan. After the fight, police arrived at the show and took Pouya away. The rapper tweeted that he was probably going to jail, but then a few tweets later noted that the cops let him go.


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