Paul George Missed out on a $210 Million Contract

Indiana Pacers’ star forward Paul George missed out on the biggest payday ever. According to the league’s Designated Player Exception rules, if a player who is approaching free agency on his second contract makes an All-NBA squad or is named MVP or Defensive Player of the Year while playing for the team that drafted him, he is then eligible to sign a max extension. But because PG didn’t make any of the three All-NBA teams, he failed to meet the requirements for a Pacers five-year extension which would’ve been worth $210 million. That’s $75 million more than what any other team could promise him. This would’ve been the richest contract in league history. Damn!

Although George averaged 23.7 points per game this season he was up against players like Lebron James, Draymond Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant who were all named to All-NBA teams over him. This could be good news to George. There is a rumor going around about him going to the Lakers next season and that he’s supposed to train with Kobe Bryant. The only thing that would put an end to that possibility is $210 million.


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