Open Space: Thouxanbanfauni

On the latest Open Space, we linked with Thouxanbanfauni.

Last time we heard from ThouxanbanFauni, he was rolling with with the homie Uno the Activist but today we bring you Atlanta-Stan’s Heavy Weight Champ all by his lonesome. TBF caught a SoundCloud wave over the past two years and has ridden it to great success.

“I’ma be honest, I’m wingin’ the fuck outta this shit” he tells MASS APPEAL in his latest Open Space interview. “I don’t know how half this shit even possible. I’m in the field hard AF right now on some real independent shit. No manager shit—just me.”

“For the most part I just don’t like no fuck n****s around me in the studio,” says Fauni, who definitely pulled up to this interview in some ultra-rare Vlone AF1s. But don’t think anybody can mess up his vibe. “I could hop on a country track and probably fuck that shit up—come clean.”


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