Open Space: G Herbo

G Herbo is 21-years-old, and that might shock you. For several years, he’s been one of the biggest names on Chicago’s music scene, stealing the show on Nicki Minaj’s “ChiRaq” back in 2014 after already becoming a nationally recognized product of the city’s drill uprising as Lil’ Herb. In the latest episode of “Open Space,” Herbo speaks on the horrors of growing up in “Terror City,” working hard to be a leader and not a follower, his faith and more.

“I was catching blessings when I didn’t die and go to jail,” starts Herbo, as he discusses his spirituality. “Those were blessings from God. It wasn’t me, finessing, nothing. Those was real blessings.” Herbo grew up in a place known as Terror Town, a neighborhood on Chicago’s South side, and the things he witnessed there as a youth play a prominent role in his lyrical content.

That’s evidenced clearly by the first single off Herbo’s upcoming debut album, ‘Humble Beast,’ dropping this summer. “Red Snow” is a painstaking description of Chicago’s winters, which aren’t frigid enough to cool the streets down. “They stealin’, robbin’, living heartless, never hit their target/ The summer’s long and winter’s harsh ‘cause we got red snow,” he raps on the song’s chorus.
Herbo’s journey to his full-length debut has been long, and it hasn’t come without lessons. Watch him divulge some of them in his “Open Space”


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