Mike Epps Brings the Detroit Kangaroo Onstage During Show

Mike Epps was performing at a show on Friday night in Detroit when a kangaroo hopped on stage. You read that right – a kangaroo. A video caught by fans shows the handler of the kangaroo bringing the animal on to the stage while Epps was performing.

In the video, you can see the kangaroo on a leash while Epps continued to perform as well as dance. If you watch closely, you can see the kangaroo attempt to punch Epps, which caused the comedian to flee off the stage. TMZ reported that many members in Epps’ audience were furious, with some of them saying it was a form of animal abuse. The handler responded back to those claims, saying the kangaroo was not harmed by anyone, and that the collar used on the animal was to contain him so that he did not harm anyone in the crowd.

#MikeEpps ran offstage after a kangaroo tried to hit him in Detroit.

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