Metro Boomin’s Twitter & IG Hacked, Vows to Make Hackers Pay

Followers of Metro Boomin on social media may have been taken aback by the lewd nature of some of the posts put up on his Instagram and Twitter pages on Monday, May 15.

References to penis’ and semen facials accompanying such random phrases as “MetroBoominWantSomeMoreDick” tipped most off to the fact that his page must have been taken over by a hacker. One gif shared under his name was of a farm and bore a caption that read, “2 dicks in my hands like utters on a cow.. give me da milk.”

Sure enough, the Atlanta producer would take some time out of his day to shut both accounts down and delete each of the posts, but not before they drew the amusement of thousands who saw them. Upon reactivating the accounts, he issued a warning that those responsible may want to heed, tweeting, “I promise that the f**k boys hacking all my s**t will pay.”



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