Manolo Rose Talks About the Origins of Taxstone and Troy Ave Beef

Manolo Rose was a guest on ADD Podcast and was able to dispell some rumors about his involvement in the Troy Ave and Taxstone beef. Trife Gangsta inferred during an interview that the beef began with Rose’s track “All About the Money”, but Rose clarifies that the beef between Ave and Tax started long before he knew Taxstone.

According to Rose, Taxstone was already trolling Troy Ave on social media, calling him out for being, in his opinion, an average rapper. Troy Ave went on to drop “All About the Money” and Taxstone was discouraged because he did not think Troy would ever have a hit. He later found out the popular track was initially Manolo Rose’s and took it upon himself to compound his beef with Troy Ave, citing the track as an example of Troy Ave’s ineptness as an artist.


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