Louisiana Rapper @Chikki_Kush Is Focused On Winning [Interview]



I represent the whole Louisiana. From New Orleans LA, Currently Residing in Baton Rouge LA

Who influenced me to rap:

One of my closest homies Trey Forbes. I watched him rap and I decided to take it more serious

Standout records or moments have been:

My most recent track Double Cup is catching good attention right now. Hustle Man is also catching attention from the shows I’ve been doing and Monte Carlo Music is most of everyone’s favorite. Thankful for it all

What project are you currently working on:

I’m currently working on two projects. My 4 seasons EP and my 900 nights mixtape. Hopefully I can break through and get a lot of attention from those two projects.

Who are your musical influences?:

My musical influences are a lot of local artists that I know/ my fellow brothers that also rap, we push eachother to be great. In Louisiana it’s hard to make it out and get heard especially if you have a different sound so, We all we got.

Five from years from now I will be?:

Five years from now I’ll be very successful artist living the life I want to live. I want to live my life with no worries and make sure everyone around me is taken care of. On the road to riches.


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