Karruche Confirms that Chris Brown Used to Throw Rocks at Her Window

Karrueche Tran stopped by The Wendy Williams Show for the first time Thursday, mainly to discuss her acting career. That changed about 4-and-a-half minutes into the conversation when Williams asked Tran how she met Chris Brown, pointing out that happened after Breezy’s incident with Rihanna went viral.

Tran says she met the Popstar while working as an assistant to a stylist. She says they started off as friends and didn’t sleep together at first. Then she ended up falling in love with him. At that point, Williams brought up the restraining order Tran has on Brown. Karrueche seemed uncomfortable talking about it, but she still responded. “It came to a point where it felt like I needed to protect my safety.” Wendy cuts her off then asks, “Was he throwing rocks at your window? Was he ringing your doorbell?” She stutters then replies, “That did happen, but we’re not gonna go into detail with that.” Williams then backs off.

Or so it seemed. Not even seconds after congratulating Tran on carving out her own career path, Williams asks, “Just one more thing. Does he ever show up at the set screaming your name? Like from Rocky?” Tran laughs it off and says, “Girl, no!” Tran goes on to say that she and Brown haven’t even crossed paths in the last two months. Williams pushes one more time by asking “Were you abused?” Tran shoots Williams a look and says, “Huh?” That’s when Williams finally moves on from the topic of Brown.


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