Interview w/ Loso Tha Artist (@Loso_Tha_Artist)

Growing up in a place like Omaha, who were some of your early influences and inspirations?

Growing up in Omaha some of my Influences & inspirations depended on my surroundings like I was somewhat always around athletes, hustlers, rappers but Music Wise locally it was artist such as Shannon Marie, & Jus B, who I really peeped 1st on the Music Scene. I first seen them open up for Yung Berg some years back when I was a little younger before I even took Music seriously. Their dedication & Grind was interesting & the way the crowd was rocking to their music caught me by suprise, it had me take to their Music beyond just that night.

Do you remember the very moment you decided to become a rapper?

Yeah the Very first time I recorded a song in the studio with a group of people back in Highschool just for fun & I heard the sound of my Voice behind a beat after that i fell in love with the studio. That moment I knew what I can see myself doing in the Future.

You recently dropped “Off The Rip” which has more of a lyrical feel, but it features drill rapper Lil Mouse…What was the creation process like?

Well from knowing he is a Drill type of rapper I had to really put thought on the type of song I was going to present him with to feature on considering I’m not a drill rapper but I knew a Bar for Bar with no hook type of song he would adjust just right.

What are you trying to achieve in the new year?

In 2018 I’m trying to really build my Fan base to a point where the independent road is where ill stay for awhile unless I catch the ears of a Major Label & the business is right but if I can keep growing independently worldwide that a be dope to especially being recognized globally.

What are your thoughts on staying independent VS. signing to a major label?

If I can Build a Decent consistent fan base to keep progressively growing then I’m coo with being independent. I mean it was always my dream to catch the ears of a Major Label but as I keep my eye on the Music scene & watch some artist become successful in the game without a major deal I don’t really think being independent is terribly bad you just have to not be scared to Invest into yourself build from the ground up.

How do you feel about the independent hip-hop industry right now?

Well look at Young M.A once she dropped that Chiraq freestyle she took off & still catching waves independently I can most definitely respect that.

As someone who has opened up for Midwest artists like Hypno Carlito (OTF), Young Chop & more, what are your tips for other independent artists who want to become an opening act?

Just stay focused, keep faith & don’t be scared to spend money, dont be scared to hit promoters up, travel if you got to & network. Funny story was I drove my high mileage car all the way to ATL 14 hours for the A3C in October but on the way back not even 40 minutes on the road my car broke down to the point it was unfixable but that goes to show I do whatever it take to make my dreams happen, it’s all or nothing with me.

What do you think is the most important thing to become successful as an independent artist?

Staying consistent with the pursue & focus on hit singles that can catch attention, you never know who might give you a shot, I mean that’s my main focus right now is getting my work ethic up to part. Once my consistency grows legit there is no stopping me.

What artists in the game today do you look at for inspiration?

LIL DURK, YO GOTTI, KEVIN GATES (FREE HIM BY THE WAY), Chris Brown,  Ace Hood, just to name a few

Who are your dream collaborations?

My dream collabs are Tink, Durk, Keef, Gates, NBA, Youngboy, Tory Lanez, Young MA, KIRKO BANGZ

Lastly, how can the people reach out to LTA?

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