Hear A “Soul Warrior” Rap Ballot From LaFlair Van Gogh

LaFlair Van Gogh is not a artist you should sleep on. This guy really is a lyricist with subject matter. Just not that his word play and breath control is pretty unique. On this record “Soul Warrior” he gave me that Lupe Fiasco flow. LaFlair does a great job painting a vision for his listeners. Played this one back about 4 times just to catch a couple of these bars. On top of that he co produced the record with $AMATHEPROPHET. This record really could become a movie if you listen in deep detail. Make sure you check this one out from Atlanta’s LaFlair Van Gogh

Quotable lines:
Check ya Patek
I bet it’s my time
Figure Four Leg Lock
Nature boy vibe
Wrapped you niggas up
like blunts and .5’s


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