Gucci Mane Pays $60k to a Woman He Threw Out of a Moving Car

Gucci Mane has turned over a new leaf as the rapper has been out of jail for some time now. Along with that, Gucci is engaged, he lost weight and has released a few albums for fans to consume.

However, his past is catching up to him, as the rapper recently had to pay $60,000 for throwing a woman out his moving car in 2011. According to the civil suit filed by a woman named Diana Graham, Gucci approached the woman at the mall and asked her to go to breakfast with him, and she went along with it until Gucci attempted to take her to his hotel. When she said no, the rapper tossed her out of his moving Hummer. Gucci was found guilty by a judge and sentenced to six months in jail. Graham filed a civil suit, in which she was awarded $58,161.24 by a judge to be paid by the rapper.

Gucci Mane did not pay Graham and was hit with a “Writ of Fieri Facias,” which means the County Sheriff’s Department could possibly seize the rapper’s bank accounts, cars, and property. That would have only happened if he kept refusing to pay. However, reports have surfaced saying that Gucci Mane paid Diana Graham the amount she was owed.


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