Five Tear-Jerking Riff Raff Songs That’ll Still Make You Smile

Being a human being means that at times we’re bound to get emotional, become intensely hypersensitive, or end up all the way “in our feelings” when the whole world’s falling apart around us.

But it’s just like the great Oprah Winfrey once said: “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” So when you have that moment you’re feeling sad, teary-eyed, and let down; you know damn well things can’t stay that way. You need a pick-me-up, something to get you from down in the dumps—someone like Riff Raff.

In his music, the Houston-born rapper knows how to perfectly blend otherwise juxtaposed feelings into one centralized emotion. For that reason, and for those troubling times when you need a boost, here are 5 tear-jerking Riff Raff songs that’ll still make you smile:

#5) Tiger Bear Gargoyle (Hologram Panda)

The heavyhearted, chill-style instrumental underneath this “Hologram Panda“-mixtape track highlights a sharp contrast with the boisterous lyrics as Riff asks: “Can I get a price scan on you?”

 #4) Time (Neon Icon)

With this track, Riff Raff gives us a fresh spin on the always under-appreciated genre of country music. Because we know his sense of humor, we expect Riff to give us some type of comedy all the time, even when it isn’t (in the least) on our side:

#3) Root Beer Float Ghost (Aquaberry Aquarius)

I know that I’ve been your girl…I hate when you leave me, I hate when you leave me, I hate when you leave me…Cause I need you here now…

Do y’all honestly think these kind of lyrics would go with the song title?


Only Riff Raff (and Tommy Girl) could put together something like this.

#2) Versace Python (Neon Icon)

Listen to these lyrics…sad AF! Anytime tears can fall from castles around someone’s heart—that’s deep.

While listening to this song and looking at pictures I’d taken of the small castles in the Alhambra, I remember the historic beauty that is Granada, Spain.

It definitely burns a nostalgic fire in my feeble little heart:

#1) Lil Mama (Rap Game Bon Jovi)

You can’t go wrong with a little old school—old school Riff Raff that is. From his 2012-released mixtape, “Rap Game Bon Jovi“, Riff Raff’s ‘Lil Mama’ is a direct apology to every brokenhearted girl who had to watch him blow up and ball so hard.

At least the sadly-made beat is an amusing attempt to sympathize with their loss:


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