Feds Have an Eyewitness Who “Saw” Taxstone Kill Banga – Want Bail Denied

In a letter to Judge Lorna Schofield requesting that Taxstone be denied bail, the federal government claims that the popular podcast host is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

The letter reads: “The nature and seriousness of the danger the defendant presents is clear: He has been convicted of two violent felonies, consistently flouted court orders, proclaimed his willingness to seek out disputes then resolve them with deadly violence, unlawfully obtained a semiautomatic handgun to ensure he could carry out that threat, then opened fire in a public venue, causing death and mayhem,” then-US attorney Preet Bharara wrote to Judge Schofield. “No conditions of pretrial detention can reasonably be expected to protect the community from the defendant.”

Taxstone, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, has been held without bail since January in connection with the deadly Irving Plaza concert that left Troy Ave’s bodyguard and best friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter dead. The Feds also claim to have an eyewitness that saw Campbell fire the fatal shot that killed Banga while citing previous podcast episodes where the host said he would shoot Troy Ave if he saw him.

““Indeed, the Government proffers that it expects witness testimony—which …will further establish that the defendant fired the shot that killed Ronald McPhatter, an associate of Collins killed during the Shooting.”


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