Fans Get at DMX After He Tweets About Needing Trap Beats

Fans blew up on DMX after he tweeted out asking for “trap beats” on Monday (April 3). The veteran rapper isn’t known for following trends and has mostly stuck with his signature style over the years, so fans were pretty angry after reading his message.

One user who goes by @glenn_beauty187 wrote, “NO!! PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRAP $H!T ON YOUR ALBUM. That shhh is garbage & YOU ARE A REAL RAPPER! Please don’t put your career on life support.” Another, @jayserius, had a different perspective, writing, “@glenn_beauty187 @DMX Sooooo Nas has no talent because he rap over a trap beat.. so did Andre 3000, Jadakiss, etc. Real lyricist can rap over any beat. Wise Up.”


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