Everyday Struggle | Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks Jay Z vs Tyler on Biking, Kendrick Album Predictions

After running his own podcast that has seen success, Joe Budden is now the face of a new show at Complex along with DJ Akademiks titled ‘Everyday Struggle.’ The two personalities go back and forth with each other about issues currently on the table in hip hop. The two were discussing the latest Jay Z verse that was featured on the new Frank Ocean song “Biking,” and that somehow transformed into an argument about the status of Nicki Minaj’s career.

Akademiks seemed to be on the side of Nicki, saying that her brand is holding up strong in light of her beef with Remy, while Budden was on the other side of the fence. Budden said “All of the sudden there are a bunch of Young Money pics floating around with Wayne, Drake, Nicki, now all of the sudden everyone of the picture artwork is you [Nicki], Drake, and Wayne. Get that shit out of here, I hate that. Who was there for Wayne when he was having seizures and s**t, I ain’t see a picture then. I don’t want to see it now that you may need that conglomerate to get back. I don’t want to see that now. I want to see you float on your f**king own, Nicki. Best woman rapper in the world. I want to see her do it alone.”

During the show, Akademiks and Budden also discussed the upcoming Kendrick Lamar album, along with other topics. Watch the clip above; skip to the 12 minute mark to hear Budden’s comments about Nicki.


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