Dr. Dre Wants To Bring 2024 Olympic Games To Los Angeles

For decades, the legendary producer/rapper/entrepreneur Dr. Dre has proved the impossible time and time again by becoming one of the wealthiest, most successful, and influential musical icons of all time. Now, Dre wants to go even bigger by doing his part to bring the 2024 Olympic Games to back Los Angeles.

On Thursday, it was announced that Dre will be part of the L.A. 2024’s board of directors. The group intends to bring the Olympics back to Los Angeles for a third time along with the help of Magic Johnson, L.A. Dogders President Stan Kasten, opera singer Placido Domingo, and record executive David Geffen. While they attempt to host the games in L.A. over Paris, who also has not had the games since 1924, it was also announced that the 117 board members have donated $50 million to the cause.


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