Cosmo – Thinking of You



Cosmo is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Toronto Canada. Cosmo is making his 2017 debut with his first single ‘Thinking of You’. Cosmo eases listeners into the sensual and hot soulful grooves that will without fail arouse audiences the sultry images the singer, rapper and songwriter have provided in his vocals and rapping. The Toronto-based artist has concocted many hip-hop hits with contagious hooks and playful lyrics which will stay etched in the listener’s mind long after the tracks have stopped spinning. Listeners will definitely be pulled in by Cosmos track’s hard-hitting, tenacious lyrics. Cosmo will be showing the world that he is on his way with his incredible writing skills and talent and proving that, if given the chance, he can be the next hit music sensation. He is proving that he has the talent and drive to take the music world by storm.