Cosigned By No Jumper’s Adam 22 Artist Lee Sahir Record “No Title” is proud to introduce Maryland’s own Lee Sahir. He has some crazy skills, lowkey a young Kanye. Dude produces, mixes, and raps. It’s nothing stopping him from staying creative. I actually ran across his music on my Timeline on twitter. Weird how it was an aura around the tweet before I clicked on it. Ended up being a hidden gem with a nojumperdotcom cosign from Adam 22 via soundcloud and twitter. The record “No Title” is what caught No Jumper attention. Lee Sahir is original as his rap name. His flow is steady and his subject matter and content is meaningful. Make sure you check this guy out. We are cosigning him heavy, so you’ll see a lot of Lee Sahir. Check out his new banger “No Title” below.


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