Cam’ron Talks About Taxstone Calling Him & 2Pac a Snitch

Cam’ron has been on a run lately, with the release of a sneaker called “Flee-boks” in collaboration with Reebok, a new strain of weed, socks with his image on them, the creation of his own color, and more. While most have been receptive to the resurgence of Cam’ron, there have been some who have opinions of the rapper that aren’t in his favor. Recently, in an interview with DJ Vlad, Taxstone revealed how he felt about 2Pac and Cam’ron pointing the finger after they both were shot. Taxstone compared 2Pac’s 1994 shooting by pointing out Bad Boy Records and Cam’ron implicating Roc-A-Fella Records, saying “Same situation with Cam’ron with the whole Roc-A-Fella thing. When he was like ‘Yo I seen that Roc sign when the shots went off.”

Cam’ron responded to Taxstone in a brief video posted online, but now has fully fleshed out his thoughts in a recent interview. The rapper said “I don’t really know who the guy [are]. I heard about him because he did an interview with Karen Civil. I didn’t pay him too much mind on that because Karen Civil needed to be addressed at the time. But when I seen the thing today, I was like ‘let me just do a little shot back’ because people always tend to be like ‘Cam is wildin.’ Cam wakes up to this sh*t. I wake up to this sh*t. I shouldn’t have even paid that sh*t no mind because he’s talking about me and 2Pac are snitching. I’m like dog, if we are talking about this in 2016, it’s other sh*t going on. 2Pac [has] been dead 20 years coming at the end of this year.”


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