Boston’s @Kam_GeezGYB Spitting For Spitters On “To Be Continued…” EP

First of all, the record “Long Time Coming” is sick. Feels like JR Writer spitting over a Dip Set joint. Sheesh, Kam Geez flow is pretty tight. Coming from Boston and making a name for himself. Being featured on Elevator lately, the sky is the limit. After Kam shows you hit can spit. He gets on his Drake emo flow. The record “Never Did” would connect with a female audience easily. Far as a club banger, make sure your paying attention when I say this. Kam Geez has a record called “Thumb Thru It”. I’m not sure if he knows, but he has a hit on his hands. The clubs need this one this summer. Believe me every DJ needs this one. Crazy beat and hook bottom line! Next record “You Aint Know, I Know” is something to get those radio spins. Kam Geez is pretty smart with his content. This EP is a small amount of what’s to come. Crazy today is Mother’s Day. This article is being wrote on May 14th and he has a record called “Momma Forgive Me” it’s only a snippet but it pretty much ends the project. Overall Kam Geez is on to something. Pay attention.

Quotable Line:
Those niggas over there acting like it makes a differnce, Wo!


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