BeN iLLA “Wanna Be” FEAT. HAKIM | @BeNilla_Music @eyeHAKIM

Iowa born rapper BeN iLLa links up with HAKIM for his “Wanna Be Down” single. The track brings a relatable message along with a old school vibe that you can knock your head to. They explain the come up of an independent artist & all of the obstacles that come along with it.

BeN iLLa starts the song stating “They used to clown my sound now I’m rising from the underground.. see me coming up now they wanna be down but wasn’t around when I was down for the count.”

Everyone doubted him at first and now they want to join the movement because they see him rising up.
BeN iLLa is currently finishing his upcoming album “New Wave Old Ways.”
Sean Paine; the genius behind the boards of “Gucci Mane” will be engineering this project.
BeN iLLa is also introducing his alter ego (“Tae-GrOOve”) on this upcoming project.


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