Action Bronson Covers Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin Down”

Action Bronson released a cover of Mary J. Blige’s classic “I’m Goin Down” for Spotify.

The song features the Queens rapper using his best vocal performance to emulate the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Bronson is undoubtedly having a good time singing along to what seems like one of his favorite 90s R&B hits. He could be using it as the promo for his latest album “Blue Chips 7000” which experienced significant delays before its release over the summer.

Bronson attributed the push backs to a slow sample clearance process. “Everyone blames the label,” said Bronson to Complex last May. “This one ain’t about them. Labels suck, period. They are what they are. Unless they can help you, they suck.”

Bronson went on to say “Unless you’re a humongous artist and you’re doing pop songs and hit songs, it really sucks. But for me, all I care about is putting out the project the way I made it. And it’s always about sample clearance. That’s the only thing with this sh*t, man. That’s what slows everything down, is trying to track people down, or actually listening to these people bullsh*t about samples.”


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