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Getting A Unique Critique For A Brand
Being an independent artist these days are like a crab in a barrel. Everyone raps and everyone produces. A question I have for artist and producers are. Who is taking a listen to your music? Most the time the replies are my family or My Friends. That’s a common answer but be honest with yourself.

Would they really tell you the truth about your music? Most of the times, the people close to you want to see the best for you. So don’t be mad at them, just open your eyes. The time is now for Artist and Producers. How about, stop wasting your money and time paying DJ’s, Graphic Designers, and Fake Internet Scams. The real solution is now here. Precise Entertainment Specializes in PR work which is Press Relations. We introduce your Brand, Image, and Music to the internet blogospheres. Get the truth about your music. Build a buzz thru a word of mouth promotion. We also consult with customers to make sure we customize to your fit. THIS ISNT A SERVICE, IT’S A RELATIONSHIP… 

What is a blog? 

A blog can be anything from information to photos. Basically anything that comes to your head can be blogged. In these days Magazines, Newspapers, and Television can be very expensive to gain exposure. With being featured on a blog which could be a website or a link. Could vamp your career in a direction you couldn’t imagine. Getting your music featured on blog sites can break your career and give you the exposure you deserve. Leak your music and videos thru blogs. With blogs on your side which is press release, it’s easy to get the word out. A good review of your music or videos can entice listeners to become fans. The ones watching you everyday could change when they see others talk about you. GET IT!!!!! 

Music Submission : Email to Preciseearzsubmissions@gmail.com

  • Send music link on souncloud, youtube, audiomack ,spinrilla and etc.
  • Song title, Artist(s) and Producer(s) name
  • Cover Art for track/mixtape
  • Social Links (twitter,facebook,website,youtube,instagram, etc.)
  • Brief Bio

Video Submission : Email to Preciseearzsubmissions@gmail.com

  • Video Link
  • Song Title, Artist(s), Producer(s) and Director name
  • Social Links (twitter,facebook,website,youtube,instagram, etc.)
  • Cover Art or Screenshot for video
  • Brief Bio
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